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Grooming Hacks for Dogs


Grooming Hacks for Dogs These dog grooming hacks from pet groomers will keep your pet looking good and feeling good! Learn About Your Breed- It is important to research your dogs breed to understand the individual grooming needs specific to the breed, Cornstarch- This inexpensive item has [...]

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Doggie of the Month


Doggie of the Month We are excited to feature some of our beautiful groovy groom clients in our Adorable Dog Gallery as well as on our website & social media!  We ask you to please fill out this quick application for the feature article. We will make [...]

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Fun Facts About Dachshund Dogs


Fun Facts About Dachshund Dogs The Dachshund Dog Breed was Rated the #11 Top Breed of 2021. These adorable little dogs are known for stealing the hearts of their owners with their spunky sometimes mischievous personalities. Dachshund dogs are intelligent, energetic, and great companions for apartment dwellers, [...]

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Top Dog Breeds 2021


Top Dog Breeds 2021 We Will Feature In-Depth Profiles on Each of the Top Dog Breeds of 2021 Throughout the Next Year We will also continue posting more articles of some of our favorite doggie clients! Check Out our Groovy Grooms Dog Blog for grooming & training [...]

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